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Aldea Tierra del Fuego Lodge


Aldea Tierra del Fuego Lodge

Ríos; Darwin-Brooks-Blest
Sea Run Brown Trout - Brown Trout - Salvelinus Fontinalis


One of the most important factors is that the place where you go is accessed by a road which is only used by some "ranchers" in the area, so it is rather a path off road features. The latter will help you understand why an operation in a place so secluded, you can still caught fishing history of Kawescar (natives of Tierra del Fuego). You can hardly find places as virgins and kept away from civilization, where sea trout (Salmo trutta trutta) is found in their spawning RUN.
Tierra del Fuego, the island, its people and natural beauty is otherworldly. In Rio Darwin’s trip you will enjoy as you slowly entering the Darwin Range, the southernmost in the world, apart from the typical steppe (pampa) to be fascinated with southern forests of nothofagus lenga and ñires accompanied by the view of the various ancient ice glaciers in the area, guanacos and foxes. Required for any adventurer willing to fish these waters, bring a good bird watching and flora book. With the pretext of fishing, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery of southern Patagonia.

Price: U.S. $ 2,500 per pax / double occupancy

7 nights accommodation in double room, Village Tierra del Fuego
1 guide every two fishermen
5 days fishing (100% wading)
Transfer Punta Arenas-Lodge-Punta Arenas
All meals, beverages (drinks, wine and beer)

Gratuities to guides
Does not include international air
Does not include air SCL-Pta. Arenas-SCL
Fishing License
Fishing Equipment

30 November 2009 at April 15, 2010
Check for available dates.

Arriving in Punta Arenas 6:00. (LAN flight 097)
Airport Reception
Internal Flight Pta. Arenas- Porvenir 8:00 (INCLUDED)
Breakfast Porvenir, travel approximately 6-7 hours.
Lunch Box
Arrival Village Tierra del Fuego (fishing option depending on arrival time)
Dinner at Village Tierra del Fuego

7:00 am Breakfast
8:00 am Departure fishing. Lunch Box, Lunch at the Lodge for fishermen Zone 1.
Note: The agenda may be modified according to your preferences and suggestions from your guide.
22:00 Return and dinner at Lodge with welcome drink.

This week stipulated fishing boat trips to rivers far from the base of operations.

Departure depends on tidals.
15:30 Flight Punta Arenas-Porvenir.
End of services.

It provides travel Porvenir -Village Tierra del Fuego by land. It takes about 6 to 7 hours on roads unsuitable for vehicular traffic. It has been earmarked for Land Rover all-terrain vehicles, of proven efficiency in these latitudes. There are other alternatives for access, which would be offered outside of the original program (Charter air and sea).

Village Tierra del Fuego has 4 double cabins with private bathrooms, hot water and fireplaces in each, located just meters from the shores of Seno Admiralty. It has a big room, which includes dining / kitchen, equipped for fishermen after long hours of fishing, heated by firewood. Village Tierra del Fuego is an ecotourism project, which considers the use of wind and solar power, trying to minimize the use of fossil fuels.
Although, you will notice that there are certain requirements that supplement, understand that being so far from civilization, the amenities are the best that have been achieved. We hope to improve services as we move into the season.

Fishing wading and clothing
Consideration should be given to all, fishing that takes place in and around Darwin River is done on foot. We encourage all our customers to walk a few miles every day to exercise prior to their week of fishing. While it is true, will always be accompanied by a guide, rather than facing great danger, if necessary, bring inflatable vests and / or wading staffs.
It is always important to remind you that Patagonia has a very distinctive climate, so the waterproof and breathable technical apparel used by layers will be crucial.

Lines # 6 or 8 medium to fast action, 9 feet long.
Lines: We suggest the use of WF floating lines, sinking tips and WF Shooting Heads.
Leaders & Tippets: 9ft and 6 to 13lb. tests. For floating lines, 9 to 12 ft. 5 to 10lb. test.
Dry Flies: Attractors Terrestrials and as Chernobyl, Stimulators RL, Bugmeister and Dragon Flies. & Stones Hair Caddis, Stimulators, Wulffs and Adams. # 8 to # 18.
Nymphs: Prince, Ph.Tail, Hare’s Ear, Montana, Copper John, emergers and Soft Hackles. # 8 to # 16
Streamers: Wooly Buggers black, olive, and brown withe, Matukas, W B. Rubber Legs and Zonkers # 4 to # 10. Always bring your sea run nymphs.

Fishing destination and return compulsory
Fishing at Village Tierra del Fuego is a catch and realese mandatory destination. We recommend to let the fish be handling by guides. Needless to emphasize the long return trips made by anadromous fish to freshwater to spawn, to optimize the utmost care.
Always listen to our guides, use of more resistant tippet possible (which does not affect fishing), gloves, catch nets and minimize the time fighting with the fish. Please be aware of it.

Health and medicine
No doubt that these places as remote fishing and southern requires certain considerations regarding the physical health of fishermen. Let us know any medical condition or limiting care to minimize risk. If you are under pharmacological treatment of any kind. Consider bringing drugs to the total days that you´ll traveled from hometown. To date this is our first year of operation, we can not offer diets or special diets.
Always keep in mind that fishing in Tierra del Fuego is in remote locations, hours from any town, very similar to what we would live in Russia or Alaska. Nevertheless, it has a satellite telephone and contact emergency air extraction, in any situation that warrants (not included in the program).
Always ask to be considered a travel health insurance.

Travel Documents
All passengers coming from abroad, must travel with valid passport with a minimum of 6 months from the date of travel. We recommend you send in detail origin to advise on the need for VISA and other documents.


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